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Welcome to Fall Season ‘21.


While extending well wishes to the returning teams, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the additional teams who are sharing our journey this season.
Due to various reasons, the managers have voted to only have 2 divisions this season. So far, we have 8 teams in Div 1 and 7 in Div 2.

We have added an additional team representative to the manager’s chat. This will enable information to get to the teams faster and more efficiently. All the managers that attended the meeting were given the platform to share their ideas, questions, and concerns. Due to Covid19 concerns, we have collectively agreed that the finals will be held simultaneously with the year-end presentation at the outdoor facility to be determined based on availability.

The schedules have been posted. It seems that teams will have to share some grounds and facilities on game day because the situation with the grounds is still restrictive. Thanks to the teams that cooperated in this effort to share.

With the advent of the new Delta variant, we still need to practice good habits at the game, both on and off the field. Hand washing, sanitizing, social distancing, non-sharing of food and drinks, use clean utensils, cover mouth if sneezing or coughing, fist bumps or waving instead of handshakes, and any other things you may see fit to be safe.
Celebrate in moderation and avoid the need to huddle.

Let’s go out there has a good game, be safe, and enjoy the new season. Welcome back.
Dave Singh

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