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SFSCL Week 2 Round-Up


Week 2 was very successful. We saw many outstanding performances from players from both divisions Marvin, Jay, Krish, and Martin CJ Green,  Abdool Irshad, Ramjeed Deodat and Permaul Andrew were among the notables.

Teams, please send in your star players on Sundays so we can feature them and give them the credit that they deserve. It’s good for the morale of the players. We don’t play for anything other than pride, recognition, and trophies. So, let’s recognize the players when they have outstanding performances.

In the last update, we spoke about the unavailability of the Broward Stadium for our finals. We have secured the Brian Piccolo Park South Cricket Ground and  Pavillion, our second-best option for our finals on Dec 15. Special thanks to Subash for his help in acquiring this venue.

With the updated stats system we are using, scoresheets are available for viewing immediately after submission under the resent results heading on the website.

However, the individual player’s stats will not be updated until the scoresheet is reviewed and approved.  Scoresheets that are not listed are the ones that have not been submitted as yet.

There will be no penalty for late-scoresheet during the remainder of the fall season, however, it is important that they are submitted in a timely manner. Our secretary Raj, has been working diligently behind the scenes to make the scoring system more accurate, innovative and informative.

We are working on the financials. The Treasurer is examining the state of our finances and reviewing the prior expenditures before we took over for an accurate accounting statement. I should have that soon for the members.

Let’s look ahead to a great week 3 on Sunday. Any assistance any member may need, please reach out. Remember, we are here to listen and to help in any way we can to make this league great again.

Thank You,

Dave Singh
South Florida Softball Cricket League

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