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President Corner

Sunshine League Meeting


Myself, Subash Singh and Sato Manohar met with Devan, Lloyd and Ram Ali of the Sunshine State League last Wednesday. Items discussed:

  1. We introduced the new EB and extended an olive branch. It was well received by the EB of SSSCL.
  2. We agreed to promote the advancement of the youth program in a collaborative manner. We initiated that Zaheer from our league will work with Kadima from the other league on youth-related programs.
  3. We agreed on information sharing between leagues when it pertains to Disciplinary action.
  4. We agreed not to have any of our SFSCL regular games scheduled on the day of the league finals of the SSSCL and vice versa. This gives everyone a chance to attend the finals for both leagues.
  5. We agreed to assist each other with fundraising help.
  6. We agreed that there are guidelines that need to be followed re:  players jumping from league to league. Once the SFSCL season starts and a player plays in the first week, they cannot to SSSCL for that season and vice versa.
  7. We agreed to have one day set aside when we can rent the Stadium and have some competition, maybe a ladies 5 over games between the wives from the each leagues, a 5 over kids competition and possibly a 10 over competition for over 50 and a 10 over for the younger guys, along with several other innovative ideas for activities.
  8. The meeting concluded with handshakes and promises to keep the cooperation going and open lines of communication to see if future advancements can be achieved.


Dave Singh

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