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President Corner

SFSCL Week In Review


We have had a very successful start to our season. I visited a few games to chat with the guys. Here’s your weekly updates: 

  1. Finals are set for Dec 15. I tried to get the stadium as soon as we took over, but it was booked by Cricket USA almost a year ago for that date. We are looking at alternative locations, Tamarac Sports Complex, Brian Picollo, etc. will keep you posted.
  2. The Secretary, Raj Phagu has introduced a new system to post scores. This will lead to a more professional and efficient way to update the stats. The team managers have been informed. A good step forward- good job Raj.
  3. The best I could negotiate for the cost of a single umpire for the regular season games is $65. Satar has 3 umpires available for this weekend games. Teams interested to use this please call him directly or call me.
  4. The league is in a tight financial position. I am asking the Treasurer for his report in about a week, so I can present it to the members along with the budgets. I am proposing to raise some funds to sponsor the winners’ trophies for the finals. I am going to buy one Finals trophy from my company to help out – it’s $200. Any member that has a business or even as an individual that wants to do the same, you are encouraged to do so. The trophies will have your name or company name as the trophy titles as well as the winner. Additionally, there is a Presidents Trophy that I am personally putting up, to any team that excelled in their efforts to benefit the success of the League.
  5. I am looking for a team of volunteers to help out with committees for finals and the presentation party in January. Please send me your availability and willingness to help me to make this a success. One Love (Dev and Delano), Basil, Jay Mahadeo, Jainan, Martin, Challengers team are among the few amazing members that promised to help. Please let me hear from you and anyone else willing to help us out.
  6. If you have any suggestions on fundraising or any suggestions that can benefit the league- please reach out. I want to hear from every member that has something to say. Remember, this is your league, our league- not my league.Thank You,

    Dave Singh
    South Florida Softball Cricket League

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