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Exciting news. We are opening the SFSCL on May 02, 2021. We encourage all teams to register for the new season. There is no registration fee for the upcoming season. There is only a ball fee of $50. Please book your team ASAP .
We are hoping that the league can get back on track to have an exciting season. Hopefully, most members are vaccinated and ready to play.
Managers, this may be a slight challenge, but we are confident that the teams can come back together and be ready to play. Players and teams that went to any other leagues are welcomed back without any penalty.

Teams are encouraged to secure their grounds early. Any challenges, please let the league know in advance so we can try to help to resolve the issues.
Although Covid19 seems to be slightly under control, we are going to mandate that teams have safety protocols in place at all times on game day. I am
taking this opportunity to express sincere condolences on behalf of the EB to members that have lost loved ones due to the Covid19 pandemic.
See you at the park!!

Kind Regards
Dave Singh

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