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SFSCL Spring 2018 Top Performances

SFSCL Spring Round 3

Div 1 Top Performers

Ahad Ali 4 for 24 including a Hatrick Unlimited v Outlaws

Sajid Mohamed 101 Unlimited v Outlaws

Alastair Khan 68no Outlaws v Unlimited

Martin Jaundoo 83 Utd Stars v Royal Challengers

Div 2 Top Performers

Retesh Veerasammy 6 for 11 Warriors v Starlite

Deolall Ramkelawan Hatrick Starlite v Warriors

Balram Pooran 66 CSU v Yaadboyz

Kendall Ramsijewan 64 CSU v Yaadboyz

Zahid Khan 63no CSU v Yaadboyz

Denny Nagapen 92no Breakaway v Guyana Heat

Jay Mahadeo 52no Breakaway v Guyana Heat

SFSCL Spring Round 2

Div 1 Top Performers

Kevin Budhna 65no Hustlers v Unlimited


Romel Budhna 5 for 9 Hustlers v Unlimited

Samir Khan 53 Sportsman v Royal Challengers

Vikram Kumar 109 Outlaws v Diamond

S Bashir 4 for 29 Outlaws v Diamond

Div 2 Top Performers

Anil Janglee 78no Yaadboyz v Superstars CC


John Sukhu 52no Yaadboyz v Superstars CC

Aseef Amin 83no CSU v Guyana Kings


Andre Brown 78 Guyana Kings v CSU

Mahese Bissoon 6 for 19 Breakaway v Starlite

Ronald Ramchal 58 Guyana Heat v Warriors

SFSCL Spring Round 1

Div 1 Top Performers

Philip Meikle 72 Utd Stars v Outlaws


Vivian Khan 71 Utd Stars v Outlaws


Andy Ramsaywack 4 for 30 Hurricanes v Royal Challengers

Arkhan Ally 60no Sportsman v Unlimited

A Ilahi 4 for 29 Sportsman v Unlimited

T Yasin 54 Unlimited v Sportsman

Div 2 Top Performers

Denny Nagapen 78 Breakaway v Guyana Kings


Joey Raghunandan 77 ret hurt Berbice v Yaadboyz


Chris Arjoon 55 Yaadboyz v Berbice


Ray Hanif  4 for 9 Superstars v Starlite

R Ramnarine 65no Warriors v SouthWest



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