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SFSCL Second Round Games Result

South Florida Softball Cricket League Second Round Games Results.

Division One Results for  01/31/2016

  1. Outlaws def. SW Cricket  at Veteran Park
  2. Yaadboyz def. Unlimited at Middle School
  3. Hurricane def. Hustlers at Tamarac Sports Complex
  4. President def. Sportsman at Lake Stevens Elementary
  5. SuperKings def. CS United at Tamarac Recrerational Center
  6. Diamond def. Berbice at Lindsay Ewing Pk.

Division Two Results for  01/31/2016

  1. Miramar Masters def. Lehigh Indians at Brian Piccolo # 4
  2. Guyana Heat def. BreakAway at Willie Webb
  3. Warriors def. Diamond 2 Tamarac Recrerational Center
  4. WildFire  def. Guyana King at Well Man Field
  5. Raiders def. Krishnar Margate Park
  6. Starlite def. Florida Lighting     South Ridge 1
  7. Outcast  vs Lehigh CC     South Ridge 2     Reschedule

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