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SFSCL Independence Cup All-Star Team

South Florida Softball Cricket League has not released their 15 members squad for the New York Independence Cup tournament, however unconfirmed report indicates that they will be entering the tournament  without some of their top players due to players prior commitments.  Anil Bhawani from Hustlers Cricket Club who recently won the SFSCL Premier Championship is expected to lead the side in what is expected to be a highly competitive completion. The tournament has been expanded to include twelve teams  from the normal eight team.

Teams  registered for The tournament:

  1. NYSCL All-Stars
  2. SFSCL All-Stars
  3. New York Outlaws
  4. Regal All-Stars
  5. Mafia All-Stars
  6. Speedboat All-Stars
  7. Queens All-Stars
  8. US All-Stars
  9. World Boss XI All-Stars
  10. N Y Muslim League All-Stars
  11. Underrated All-Stars
  12. N Y Cricket Doctors All-Stars

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