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President Corner

President Weekly Review…

A lot has happened since our last conversation. Congratulations to all the superstar performers last weekend. The season has leveled itself out and is going smoothly. Below are the things I would like to report to you:

  1. The  Finals are set for  December 15th, 2019 at South Cricket Ground at Brian Piccolo Park. Both finals will be played on the same ground, hence an early start will be required to ensure there is enough sunlight for presentation after the games.
  2. The 2019 Award Presentation is set for December 21, 2019, at the German American Club. The first two seasons award list will be published on the league website soon for players and managers to review
  3. All managers along with a few other members are invited to a meeting at 5 pm Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 at Tropics Restaurant. I hope everyone can make it. We need to see how the managers and teams can help us plan our finals and presentation. I will post the meeting agenda on the Managers Chat.
  4. The last financial statement was reviewed and is attached as promised. The reviewed report was also sent to the previous executive body.
  5. October is breast cancer awareness     month. Please give a donation if you can towards this cause, no matter how small it is. It’s the thought that matters.
  6. The website is very vibrant and dynamic and we encourage teams to send in articles about their game and top players pictures.
  7. We are getting ready to launch our fundraising raffle. The drawing will be done at the finals. We are going to have at least 5 or 6 prizes.
  8. Latch Shoes has graciously sponsored the tournament championship trophies. This is a tremendous help to the league and as such we will dedicate the finals to  Latch Shoes. Our sincere thanks go out to Jainan. Additionally, the cost of other trophies has been donated also. These would be announced at the finals.
  9. We will take the opportunity at the 2019 Award Presentation to recognize all former Presidents of SFSCL, distinguished members of our league and individuals who have helped us along the way. I would also be handing out Honorary Memberships to at least 1-2 distinguished guests.
  10. We have a meet and greet set up for next week with our EB and the Sunshine State EB. I am going to use this opportunity to explore any possible collaboration with the youth program, exchange ideas and foster a harmonious relationship between the leagues. I will keep members posted on any progress.
  11. As you are probably aware of  by now 2020 instead of the Florida Cup tournament the Orlando Cup  will be held.  The organizers have announced the dates for the 2020 tournament.ORLANDO CUP 3 will be held on March 20th -22nd, 2020.There will be 24 teams participating in three categories.

    1. All-Stars – 8 Team
    2. Masters (over 45) – 8 Teams
    3. Legends (over 50) – 8 Teams

  12. Finally, I want to again close with the message that my phone is always open for all members. Any issues, questions or concerns please reach out. As always, I will Be transparent to the members. Have a great weekend and good luck on Sunday.Dave Singh
    South Florida Softball Cricket League

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