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I called a managers meeting on 10/26/29.  Although some managers were unable to attend due to the upcoming Dewali celebrations we had a fairly decent meeting with the few that attended. The EB was well represented by Dave Singh, Raj Paghu, Subash Singh and Sato Manohar. Unfortunately, the VP was unable to make it due to an injury. The meeting was important to jump-start planning for the Finals on Dec 15 and the presentation on Dec 21. Here are the results of the meeting with regards to the finals:

  1. Venue: Brian Piccolo park for the finals. Early start for Division 2, lunch served and then Game starts for Div 1. It’s a 20 over game so we will try to get both games accomplished early. Presentation will be after the match. I am hoping to attract possibly some local Mayors and some executive from Caribbean Airlines for the presentation and to form a partnership moving forward. It will show some local community content and establish a more solid, clean image of our league going forward. Halal Food by Lucky City. Water by Latch Shoes. Music by Naz (Fish is arranging this for us)
  2. Because of budget issues I have gone in a different direction by asking the EB to reach out for sponsorship of the finals. This has been VERY SUCCESSFUL SO FAR. Latch Shoes has agreed to step up. They have agreed to put up the 6 first place trophies. We have other commitments to about $600 towards trophies and other costs. This will significantly offset the overall trophy cost to the league and will help to bring our budget in line. We will dedicate the finals to Latch Shoes. They will set up banners and tables and a boot for presentation. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Jainan from Latch Shoes.
  3. Security- Subash has agreed to take the lead on this. We are passing out official Lanyards and badges for our representatives and officials for easy identification. I would like to have at least one uniformed person there just for the visual presence for deterrence. The illegal public urination is what we are targeting at this finals. Zero Tolerance policy on this issue.
  4. We are going to request some extra trash receptacles, trash bags etc for ease of cleanup. We expect the EB and DC members to step up and ensure that they along with members oversee the cleanliness of the facility after we are done to ensure that we leave a different footprint and a good relationship at these venues. We may need these facilities in the future.
  5. Sattar has graciously donated 2 umpires for the finals. This helps with our umpiring expenses. Our thanks and respect go out to him. Subash will coordinate with him for early field set up, cones, stumps, etc.
  6. We have allocated a team for trophy set up. Subash will spearhead this effort along with Fish and a few other managers and volunteers. There is some experience there with the trophy assembly.
  7. Media, coverage, streaming, photography, Facebook, etc.. will be handled by our Secretary Raj Phagu.
  8. We will draw the raffle before the presentation of the trophies of the final
  9. Minor logistics will be worked out.
  10. I have reached out to Jay Mahadeo, Basil, Dev and Davion and the One Love team, Martin, Rambo, Zack, Derrick and a few other members who have offered their help and support we may need. We are going to reach out sometime soon. The members have been amazing with their support.

My apologies for not getting this out earlier but I was dealing with the passing of a loved one here in Cape Coral last week. Thanks for all the condolences from the managers and others.

I am waiting on some feedback before posting the plans for the presentation ceremonies on Dec 21.

Thank you,

Dave Singh
South Florida Softball Cricket League

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