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League Update

We are starting to see a glimmer of hope in this pandemic. Although the number of infections were steady or on a decline, it’s edging back up slightly probably because of influx of spring breakers. We are being cautiously optimistic. Good news is that several vaccines are available. We encourage everyone to be vaccinated. It will be a tremendous boost to our plans of reopening.
Presently, we simply cannot open because the most parks are still closed to cricket.

Although we have no information as to when the parks will open,we are hoping that it will be soon. We are in the process of ordering the balls for whenever we open , so that we are prepared.
We still have no objections to the members who are coming up with alternative and creative ways to play. We encourage you to do so in a safe manner. Lehigh hosted a 10 over tournament last weekend involving 3 teams. I was present for some of the games and I could detect the level of enthusiasm from players and fans alike.

Once we get word on the park opening dates, we will let you know. Stay safe and if possible get vaccinated.

Thank you
Dave Singh

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