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Good Luck To All Teams In The 2019 Fall Season


The schedule is out. We are up and running with the 2019 Fall Season kickoff on Sunday, September 22. We have 15 teams on board. 

After careful consideration, the Executives have voted on the 2 division approach for this season. Teams were chosen for each division based on several different criteria by the EB. Although Division one seems tough we are asking for your patience while we carefully examine this season as it unfolds to see how we can improve next season. Teams like Lehigh and a few others are willing to stay in Division one just to make our first season successful. We are looking seriously at integrating an over 50 division in the league. This will take some planning and logistics to make it happen. Members are asking for this and we are listening. 

Several things to highlight this season:

  1. We are going to have a Zero tolerance policy for physical contact (assault/fighting) at games. Any dialogue or disagreements should be captain to captain. 
  2. Please be cognizant of alcohol consumption at the parks. Some parks have restrictions in place that prohibits the consumption of alcohol eg. Veterans Park in Lehigh Acres. We are not asking members not to drink, we know that will not happen. If you drink, please do so responsibly and make sure there is a designated driver available. 
  3. Please respect the park facilities at all times. We are there as guests in someone else’s property. Do not harm or damage these facilities. Please use the restrooms provided. Public urination creates a bad image and it is a ticketed offense. Please clean up the facilities after the game. Remember, it’s hard to get these grounds but very easy to lose them. 
  4. Please refrain from any Umpire abuse, verbally and physically. We will enforce this. We are working to get an official umpire for every game. We will keep you posted on this. 

Members, we have made good progress in the one week since we have been in charge. We ask for your patience as we streamline things to make a smooth transition in the league from one EB to the next. I will start a President’s weekly or bi-weekly column on the website to keep members informed as to what is happening. Information is power, I believe we will function better the more informed members are. 

We are open to any suggestions to make the league more functional and more friendly. We wish to express gratitude to the many members who have reached out offering their unwavering support and wish to help in any capacity. We will reach out soon. We know we cannot please everyone but we will listen and will strive to find common ground or compromise. My phone is always open to you. Let’s put the fun, friendship and families back in the game. 

Let’s go SFSCL… Game on, Good Luck to all teams. 

Thank you, 

Dave Singh

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