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Covid Updates

I am looking at the following items closely :1. The opening of other sports, such as MLB, Professional and league Cricket, NFL etc to see their schedules on opening. I think NASCAR is opening tomorrow without any live spectators. Will take a wait and see approach.
2. Although our games are smaller , generally 22 to 30/35 with the families and spectators, it’s still a large enough gathering to exercise caution. Upon opening we are going to have to do social distancing at the games.
3. The policies of Parks and Recs as far as opening up for games.
4. I think we should try and secure masks for the teams and issue at least 30 per team and encourage teams to bring hand sanitizer to every game as a best practice.
5. Encourage teams to be very sanitary with hosting and food preparation, serving, sharing, thongs for ice etc.. no dipping into coolers with bare hands for “ red cups” or any other ice sharing habits .. lots of disposable utensils etc..  anyone that wants to bring their own food, beverage etc , please be encouraged to do so for their own comfort and safety.
6. We will have to sanitize bat handles if we are sharing equipment.
7. We need to protect our senior players in our league. They are our most valuable assets. If we can’t wrap our common sense around them, we did not do well to protect them.
Members- this is a different time and a different way of life. If anyone cannot recognize this situation, it will be disastrous. If we lose one member- we have failed as a league.
May we be strong, wise and smart enough to protect each other and hopefully we will come out on the other side successful.
God Bless our LeagueThank you,
Dave Singh

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